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LETR Cool Cash Raffle

LETR Cool Cash Raffle

The Cool Cash raffle is a "Calendar Raffle".  The raffle runs at the end of every calendar year.  During that time, $200 will be given away every weekday (Monday -Friday), and $500 will be given away on weekend days (Saturday & Sunday).   Raffle winners will be listed on our website daily, except over weekends, when they will be added to following Monday.

The Cool Cash raffle is one way the Law Enforcement Troch Run (LETR) helps to raise money for Special Olympics North Dakota.   Thank you to everyone who sold or bought tickets.  You help make our program successful in serving athletes with intellectual disabilities.

The 2023 raffle will run from Friday, November 24- Saturday, December 16th.

Winners will be drawn at noon each day, with the results on the page shortly after.   Be advised:  Ticket may win more than once! Need not to be present to win.  Purchase of Ticket is not a charitable contribution to Dickinson Charities, 1173 3rd Ave W, Suite 36, Dickinson, ND.

2023 Cool Cash Raffle Winners

11/24/23      Laiken Calavera, Bismarck   $200.00

11/25/23      Nicole Swenson, Valley City   $500.00

11/26/23      Sandy Moen, Grand Forks   $500.00

11/27/23      Sue Satterthwaite, New Town   $200.00

11/28/23      Amanda Stroh, Dickinson   $200.00

11/29/23      Malee Wittenberg, Bismarck  $200.00

11/30/23      Maria Wicks, Mandan   $200.00

12/01/23     Shelly Pachl Hanson, Dickinson   $200.00

12/02/23     Carol Danks, New Town   $500.00

12/03/23     Patty Delorme, Lincoln   $500.00

12/04/203    Larry Fitterer, Bismarck  $200.00

12/05/23      Alvin Kuntz, Dickinson   $200.00

12/06/23      Jason Coalwell, Detroit Lakes MN   $200.00

12/07/23      Caisee Sandusky, Minot   $200.00

12/08/23     Laura Lake, Florida    $200.00

12/09/23     Glenn Sommer, Hazen   $500.00

12/10/23     Dave Jurgens, Belfield   $500.00

12/11/23     Katelyn Pedersen, Roseau MN   $200.00

12/12/23     Joe Rewald, Lincoln   $200.00

12/13/23    Chris Kinzler, Jamestown  $200.00

12/14/23     Crystal Cote, Murrieta CA  $200.00

12/15/23     Phillip Paulson, Richardton  $200.00

12/16/23     Carol Erhardt, New Salem   $500.00  

Special Olympics North Dakota is proudly sponsored by these program partners