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Dancing for Special Stars

Fundraising Events

“Dancing for Special Stars” is a dance contest patterned after the hit television program “Dancing with the Stars.” This event is a fundraiser for Special Olympics North Dakota (SOND) held in Grand Forks in April and Minot in October and will feature area celebrities paired with local dance instructors.  Each couple performs a dance of their choice. The dance team with most votes (from donations, audience votes from tickets received with admission ticket-30 points, judges’ scores) wins the competition.  Audience members can also buy additional points at the event for $1 per point to go to their favorite dance couple(s).


Grand Forks Event:

The 11th Annual Dancing for Special Stars (Grand Forks) will be held at Empire Arts Center in Grand Forks. This event has been postponed. A new date will be posted and announced. The teams are: 

  • Brooks Binstock & Heather Binstock
  • Josh Brown & Jennifer Pasley
  • Zach Finney & Tiffany Sonterre
  • Shanna Field & Franklin Wickstrom
  • Tracy Kennedy & Andy Sullivan
  • Rory Manke & Sami Larson
  • Ryan Paulson & Sue Moe
  • Luke Rasmussen & Brooke Hickerson
  • Sadie Ripley & Jack Jeno

To donate or register for this event, please click here

2019's Winners were: Kathryn Korsmo & Andy Sullivan

Minot Event:

The 5th Annual Dancing for Special Stars (Minot) was held October 15th at the Ann Nicole Nelson Hall at MSU in Minot. 

This year's Teams include:

  • Rick Beall & Macy Christianson
  • Dan Conn & Brittany Knickerbocker
  • Ashley Deschamp & Reginald Lassiter
  • Dr. Abby Harris & Jeremy Holcomb
  • Josh Kitzman & Rachel Maxfield
  • Kelly Morelli & Matt Morelli
  • Marty Murray & Regan Slind
  • Dani Reichenberger & Matt Farfield
  • Alan Walter & Aubrey Gayzur
  • Debby Hansen & David Gerding
  • Cameron Stone & Breanna Benjamin

Minot 2019 winners are Debbie Hansen and David Gerding

A Big Thank You to Our 2019 Sponsors! 

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