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Dancing for Special Stars

Fundraising Events

“Dancing for Special Stars” is a dance contest patterned after the hit television program “Dancing with the Stars.” This event is a fundraiser for Special Olympics North Dakota (SOND) held in Grand Forks in April and Minot in October and will feature area celebrities paired with local dance instructors.  Each couple performs a dance of their choice. The dance team with most votes (from donations, audience votes from tickets received with admission ticket-30 points, judges’ scores) wins the competition.  Audience members can also buy additional points at the event for $1 per point to go to their favorite dance couple(s).

To register for this year's Grand Forks event, please click here


Minot 2019 winners are Debbie Hansen and David Gerding

Minot Event:

The 5th Annual Dancing for Special Stars (Minot) was held October 15th at the Ann Nicole Nelson Hall at MSU in Minot. 

This year's Teams include:

  • Rick Beall & Macy Christianson
  • Dan Conn & Brittany Knickerbocker
  • Ashley Deschamp & Reginald Lassiter
  • Dr. Abby Harris & Jeremy Holcomb
  • Josh Kitzman & Rachel Maxfield
  • Kelly Morelli & Matt Morelli
  • Marty Murray & Regan Slind
  • Dani Reichenberger & Matt Farfield
  • Alan Walter & Aubrey Gayzur
  • Debby Hansen & David Gerding
  • Cameron Stone & Breanna Benjamin

Grand Forks Event:

The 10th Annual Dancing for Special Stars (Grand Forks) was held on April 9th at the Empire Arts Center in Grand Forks. - The teams are: 

  • Blake Christianson- Alexandra Wald 
  • Stephen Dusold- Sami Larson
  • Jared Gowan- Leigha Wallin 
  • Paul Hensrud- Alicia Bullinger 
  • Kathryn Korsmo- Andy Sullivan 
  • Bill Macki- Brooke Meyer
  • Tom McDonald- Laura Caldwell 
  • Lizz Sandberg- Jack Jeno 
  • Mark Yahna- Tiffany Sonterre 
  • Joe Deck- Paige Deck 
  • Jeff Tellmann- Sadie Gardner 
2019's Winners were: Kathryn Korsmo & Andy Sullivan

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