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Strong Minds

Competition provides a natural opportunity to develop positive and active strategies for maintaining emotional wellness under stress such as: thinking positive thoughts, releasing stress and connecting with others. Strong Minds helps athletes strengthen their coping skills across all facets of their life.

Athletes move through 5 stations on the following topics:

-Stress and You

-Strong Messaging

-Strong Breathing

-Strong Stretching

-Strong Supporting

Our Goal

-Increase awareness about active coping strategies

-Identify strategies to use in competitions and daily living

-Provide resources for athletes, coaches and caregivers

-Promote positive conversations about stress, coping and emotional wellness

The Impact

Screenings found that a large percentage of athletes face significant stress on a daily basis, but have access to only a few positive and active coping strategies.

12% have no coping strategies in place

62% use avoidant strategies which is associated with increased depression

26% use active strategies to feel better which promotes well-being

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