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USA Games Raffle

Fundraising Events

The USA Games raffle is a “Calendar Raffle”. The raffle will run for the month of May. During that time, $100 will be given away Monday-Saturday except for May 31 when the prize is $150. $250 will be given away each Sunday in May. Raffle winners will be listed on our website daily, except over weekends, when they will be added the following Monday.

The USA Games raffle is one of the fundraisers to support the cost of sending the Special Olympics North Dakota delegation to the USA Games in Seattle this summer. Thirty three athletes and nine coaches will represent North Dakota at the Games. Thank you to everyone who sold or bought tickets. You help make our program successful in serving athletes with intellectual disabilities!

The raffle will run from Tuesday, May 1st - Thursday, May 31st. Winners will be drawn each day, with the results posted on this page shortly after. Be advised: Ticket may win more than once! Need not be present to win.

Raffle Winners:

  • May 1st: Jim Privratsky, Dickinson $100.00

  • May 2nd: Mark Keithley, Dickinson $100.00

  • May 3rd: Michelle Cross, Jamestown $100.00

  • May 4th: Carrie Arnsmeyer, Lansford $100.00

  • May 5th: Ken Stockert, Dickinson $100.00

  • May 6th: Amanda Bakkedahl, Bismarck $250.00

  • May 7th: Loren Wanner, Dickinson $100.00

  • May 8th: Albert Urban, Dickinson $100.00

  • May 9th: Lorna Rangeloff, Tappen $100.00

  • May 10th: Diane Hoyt, Dickinson $100.00

  • May 11th: Dawn Storandt, Moorhead, MN $100.00

  • May 12th: Timothy W. Baumann, Grand Forks $100.00

  • May 13th: Raheem Surani, Dickinson $250.00

  • May 14th: Paul Grund, West Fargo $100.00

  • May 15th: Pete Schaefer, New England $100.00

  • May 16th: Matt Vrchota, Casselton $100.00

  • May 17th: Celia Dockter, Bismarck $100.00

  • May 18th: Jenelle Byrne, Minnetonka, MN $100.00

  • May 19th: Karen Kristianson, Dickinson $100.00

  • May 20th: Sandra Ferris, Moorhead, MN $250.00

  • May 21st: Rich Plecity, Valley City $100.00

  • May 22nd: Julie Bentz, Dickinson $100.00

  • May 23rd: Rebecca Belt, Grand Forks $100.00

  • May 24th: Ann Fetting, Fargo $100.00

  • May 25th: Charles Ward, Dickinson $100.00

  • May 26th: Juell Brabrandt, Minot $100.00

  • May 27th: Rebecca Willert, Princeton, MN $250.00

  • May 28th: Kandice Dvorak, Dickinson $100.00

  • May 29th: Jeff and Karen Nelson, Mesa, AZ $100.00

  • May 30th: Jamie Schwindt, Dickinson $100.00

  • May 31st: Lori Faleide, Casselton $150.00