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Area Director- Fargo



The Area Director is the designated representative of the Special Olympics state program who has the responsibility for successfully implementing Special Olympics activities within his/her assigned geographic area. This person serves as the manager and the team leader for all of the volunteers working within their geographical area. The program is executed by arranging other Special Olympics volunteers that are enabled to operate effectively. This person should not be employed or have other volunteer positions that could cause a conflict of interest or have the potential of causing a conflict of interest.*


The following is the job description for the Area Director.

1. Organize, recruit and implement an area management team. Coordinate the activities of each committee and act as a resource to each committee.

2. Compile and submit an annual year-round plan of program development and training, public relations, fund raising, volunteer recruitment and development, etc. for the Area.

3. Implement all area financial accounting procedures and policies as designated by the Program Office.

4. Ensure all volunteers have completed the volunteer application process and have been properly screened.

5. Establish administrative procedures and guidelines for coordinating the Area program.

6. Raise funds to ensure the total annual area budget is met.

7. Responsible for the dissemination of Area and State program information to all local programs within the Area.

8. Coordinate development of local programs. Work to bring new programs into Special Olympics.

9. Attend all designated State and area competitions and meetings to include annual AMT or State Leadership Conference.

10. Conduct Area Assistance Review for accreditation.

11. Cooperate with state program and national fund raising policies and guidelines.

12. Develop an annual calendar of Area activities, AMT meetings, fund-raising projects, etc.

13. Keep records and medicals on all registered Special Olympics athletes/partners within the area.

14. Ensure all competitive entry forms, medicals, etc. for the Area/District/State competitions from the Area Program are submitted by the deadline dates established by the Program Office.

15. Work to increase the number of participants and improve the quality of the training program.

16. Conduct clinics and workshops for volunteers, coaches, and athletes in the Area.

17. Fill requests for materials and information on Special Olympics.

18. Coordinate and approve all PSAs with local media working in conjunction with area PR committee. Make sure all information is accurate before it goes to the media.

19. Ensure that local programs conduct training in accordance with the State and National Special Olympics Rules and Regulations.

20. Submit monthly reports to the Program Office detailing events/activities that took place during the month.

21 Complete and submit the Area Final Report form.

22. Act as the official spokesperson and representative for Area and Local Special Olympics events.

23. When requested, assist the state program in evaluating local, area and district competitions.

*Conflict of interest is defined as similar volunteer/paid positions that require the recruitment of volunteers and/or the development of funding resources. These are some of the direct or indirect responsibilities of an Area Director.

Position Announcement

Title: Area Director – Special Olympics North Dakota

DESCRIPTION: The main responsibility of the area director is program development and fundraising for the Special Olympics program in Cass County. This person serves as the manager and team leader for all of the volunteers working with the program including volunteers who make up the area management team and help with the execution of the area program. The area director may also assist the Program office with the evaluation of area and district competitions.

The position is a part-time salaried position, which includes occasional travel, evening and weekend work. This person must also have the flexibility to be available at times during the business day.


1. Skill in administration, management, budgeting, public relations, program planning and evaluation are needed.

2. Ability to communicate and work with diverse groups is required. Must be able to relate to volunteer personnel and enjoy working with people.

3. Ability to simultaneously manage multiple projects/tasks; a self-starter.

4. Experience in fundraising is needed.

5. Volunteer management experience is preferred.

6. Willingness to travel.

7. Background in Special Olympics is preferred, but not required.

SALARY: $8,000 - $10,000. Travel expenses paid.

Please send a cover letter and resume to:

or Click here to apply online.